Saturday, January 25, 2014

        The Art and Science of Biology

     Biology is a virtual wonderland of opportunities. Often thought of as only a science, biology also represents a significant art form. Quotes often cite similarities between scientists and artists, both serving as proponents of introspection and reflection of the natural world. I have often noticed the blinding light of inspiration that many scientists have as they are presented their findings before an audience. With new discoveries, the scientific community becomes electrified, and the great arms race to make the next newest discovery begins at a rapid pace.
    Biologists are aware of the intricate nature of our world, and dedicate their lives to understanding this world. Scientists share an intense focus and love to make discoveries. It is thrilling to feel as though you are discovering something completely new to science each time you enter the lab. Even with organisms already known to science, there remain a plethora of questions that have gone unanswered.